Eternity has no competition

A balsamic vinegar full of elegance and history

An exquisite essence, captured in protective oak barrels, matured in the depths of the Eternal Ice of the Swiss Alps. The finest all natural ingredients, aged to their culinary perfection. With tranquillity. With time. With the knowledge of traditional production methods. An essence full of history, a balsamic vinegar full of grace - carried by eternity. A rare treasure that finds its expression in the diversity of aromas and in the elegance of flavours.

A drop
of eternity

Exceptional characteristics with a unique taste throughout many years of development. It took years forour balsamic vinegar to embody what we understand by the perfection of taste. In 2009, the appropriate location was found in a storage gallery in the Mutthorn in the Swiss Jungfrau region. To mature. To perfect. Regardless of external environmental influences. The cold of the Eternal Ice captures precious aromas. The crystals that form change the structure of our essence. A rare and incomparable product. Made in Switzerland. Harboured in the depths of the Swiss Alps.

With the storage of its balsamic vinegar in today’s ice tunnel in the Jungfraujoch at an altitude of 3454 metres, Baerg Marti is the highest balsamic vinegar manufacturer in the world. Handcrafted oak barrels from Burgundy in France provide a home for our precious essence. They offer both protection from the environment and a space to mature. Until they release a drop of eternity.

Facets of uniqueness

Carefully selected ingredients, including Swiss apples and pure water, processed with finesse. Special production methods, applied with a great degree of knowledge. A sense of time, of what  maturity provides, fullness and character. The Eternal Ice, far away from civilization. A relic from times gone by. All of this gives our essence its aromatic perfection and all of this explain its unequal rarity uniqueness.


Maturity through time

The Eternal Ice. The high alpine oxygen-poor climate. An altered sense of time. Our balsamic vinegar matures in silence. Far below the earth's surface. It becomes dense,  more concentrated - the longer time it is given to reach perfection. Flavours gain in intensity. The special climate promotes the formation of crystals. Selected ingredients, time and the peculiarities of this specific location create the unique value of our essence.

Pristine purity

Our essence, its exquisite formula, its special characteristics - matured in the purity of the Eternal Ice, embraced by the characteristics of our oak barrels. Unique worldwide, natural without exception. A product from Switzerland. With the purchase of a barrel, you experience the purity and power of nature, the aromas of our balsamic vinegar - eternally captured in every single drop. Available to you whenever you wish.

Since time immemorial
in a barrel

Far below the earth's surface, we store your personal oak barrel. In our worldwide unique ice tunnel in the Jungfraujoch. At an altitude of over 3000 metres.

Protected from external environmental influences and from the hustle and bustle of our times, your barrel matures in an area exclusively accessible to you. We give our balsamic vinegar five years to develop its special worth in your personal oak barrel. Subsequently, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Your options at the end of the storage period.




You have been the owner of an oak barrel filled with our balsamic vinegar for five years. If you now wish to sell it at the current market price, we will be delighted to support you in doing so.

The more time you give our balsamic vinegar, the more the flavours gain in intensity and the more crystals form. The essence becomes dense and more concentrated. You can therefore continue to store your personal oak barrel in the stillness of the Eternal Ice even after five years have passed.

To have access to your exquisite essence at any time, we will be happy to deliver yourpersonal oak barrel to you after five years. Each drop from it will refine your savoury or sweet dishes in its own special and incomparable way.


Full of inspiration

Real sweetness, coated with a light acidity. Fruit, quality, passion. Prepared for sensual discovery. A new balance between aromas and intensity. A balsamic vinegar full of roundness and full of explosive flavours at the same time. There are countless ways to describe our essence. Perhaps also because it offers just as many possibilities for expressing one's own culinary art.

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International culinary art

The aromatic diversity of our essence. Our balsamic vinegar. At home in the best international cuisines. Utilised by renowned gourmet chefs throughout the world. Award-winning chefs such as Franck Giovannini, Stéphane Goubin or Christian Têtedoie bring the many facets of our essence to life in taste. In a perfect symbiosis with the respective dish. Sweet, sour, infinite.

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