The very finest
in a single

Balsamic vinegar in the Swiss Alps: the utmost refinement for an emotional and culinary state of elation.

How the value of
   Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico grows over time

How the value of Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico grows over time

During the production process and while maturing, food products improve in many respects. In terms of taste, but also in terms of roundedness and quality. The more elaborate the production process, the more unusual the external conditions, the more refined the result; and the more limited, precious, unparalleled and valuable the product.

Emotion that can be
   touched and enjoyed

Emotion that can be touched and enjoyed

Genuine balsamic vinegar is a fine and rare natural product. Sought worldwide. And worldwide the production of Baerg Marti balsamic vinegar stands in a class of its own. Buy one or several barrels of fine Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico and become a 'member' of the global Baerg Marti family!

The balsamic vinegar is made using natural Swiss raw materials. In Switzerland. It comes in several varieties. It is sold in the retail market under the name Swiss Mountain Essence both in a 30-litre barrel and as Swiss Alpine Essence, a vintage version containing balsamic vinegar aged five years.

The maturation process

A buyer of a barrel of balsamic vinegar actively partakes in the maturation process. During this process the balsamic vinegar becomes more concentrated and thicker. As a result its aroma improves, as does its emotional and culinary value.

The high-altitude Alpine climate favours the development of the balsamic crystal, which is not only hotly sought-after in high-end cuisine. You become the owner of a unique product. Its uniqueness mirrors the qualities of the barrel and its wood. It enriches the flavour of Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamico.

Each barrel containing fine balsamic vinegar is a unique natural product. Nature accompanies the maturation process, over which humans have no influence, acting as a reliable partner and ensuring the quantities and the quality of the product at the end of the storage period.

Our promise

Baerg Marti (Liechtenstein) AG undertakes as follows:

the entirely natural production process of the Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamic Vinegar used to fill your oak barrel;

the faultless quality of the balsamic vinegar, the oak barrel and the storage process;

careful management and regular quality checks on your oak barrel containing Swiss Premium Balsamic Vinegar throughout the entire storage period;

comprehensive support on use of your personal barrel or barrels, also after the end of the storage period.

Purchasers of barrels become part of the Baerg Marti family. They can participate in events on various topics and in so doing expand their business network.


Enjoy emotional values

Swiss Mountain Premium Balsamic Vinegar from Baerg Marti in 30-litre oak barrels has an emotional value. Baerg Marti only sells the barrels directly on a one-by-one basis accompanied by a certificate of ownership to the end customer. They cannot be bought on behalf of several persons.