Important information regarding the purchase

– The General Terms and Conditions of BAERG MARTI (Liechtenstein) AG, an integral part of the order and storage agreement, apply. They can be downloaded in their current version at and will be sent free of charge to the buyer upon request.

– This transaction formally concerns the purchase of goods, not a capital investment, but the purchase of material assets.

– The customer acts in the capacity of the direct purchaser of a precisely specified quantity and type of goods, irrespective of the interests of other customers or buyers. The buyer of the asset becomes its economic owner.

– BAERG MARTI does not provide any advice on investments, nor does it act as an investment or credit intermediary.

– Their financial performance cannot be conclusively forecast. In the event of the negative evolution of the goods, the entire capital used to purchase them may be lost. No warranty is furnished in respect of the attainment by the economic owner of the goods of any financial, tax-related or other objectives.

– There is no right to claim interest or repayment. Additionally, no request may be made for the temporary payment of cash using the assets as collateral.

– In the event that BAERG MARTI is unable to find any buyers, e.g. at the end of the storage period, the owner must make his or her arrangements for the sale of the goods if he or she wishes or is forced to sell them. It is often difficult for individuals to obtain a satisfactory liquidation value upon sale. Alternatively, the owner can take possession of the items or continue to store them.

– Future decisions by tax authorities, changes in legislation and changes in case law can decisively affect the tax treatment of the purchase of material assets.